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18 Days to the Draft: Alabama NT/DT, Terrence Cody

With the Draft fast approaching, it's time to start looking at some potential players for the Patriots. I'm going to put profiles of 2 players a day- one offense, one defensive- and gain a better understanding of the players in the draft.

Alabama NT/DT Terrence Cody is a player who has fluctuated from definite top 15 pick, to weight liability and questionable ethics, to second round pick who is committed to proving the critics wrong. While selecting Cody might not make sense due to our already having Ron Brace and Vince Wilfork, along with Myron Pryor and Mike Wright, Cody remains a top tier talent that shouldn't be overlooked. Cody will be in high demand in the second round as 3-4 teams push to select him as their NT for the future- meaning that even if we don't select him, we will at least take a look at him and potentially trade down with a team who wants to grab him. He's a run stuffer, a double-team handler and a mountain of a man. Does he fit with the Patriots?

His measurements and some quotes after the jump. Scouting

Height: 6-4. Weight: 349.
Projected 40 Time: 5.50.
Combine 40 Time: 5.64.
Pro Day 40 Time: 5.62.
Benchx225: 22. Scouting

03/12/2010 - TOP RATED NFL DRAFT SCOUT DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Terrence Cody: Alabama, 6-4, 354, 2: Many scouts believe Cody is literally the single biggest reason that Alabama had the best defense in the country last season. He trimmed down to 354 pounds for the combine but remains a mountain of a man who is almost impossible to move, even when he is double-teamed. With Cody at nose tackle, no running back rushed for 100 yards against the Crimson Tide. His two-year statistics are decent, with 52 total tackles, including 10?? for a loss, two blocked kicks and a sack. But he took on at least two blockers on virtually every play, freeing up teammates to clean up. His performance faded at the end of last season, and NFL scouts are concerned about his weight and stamina. His performance clearly declined throughout the week of Senior Bowl practices, but dropping 16 pounds in less than a month was a strong step in the right direction for him. - Frank Cooney, The Sports Xchange, Sports/USA TODAY Scouting

Cody is a massive body with natural power as an interior run stopper. He can push the pocket effectively with excellent natural power but needs to develop his hand use and expand his pass rush package. He is disruptive penetrating the line of scrimmage versus the run and will command double teams often. He is limited outside the tackle box but has decent range for a player of his stature. Cody has improved his reads and ability to leverage the blocker but will likely improve more at the next level. He fits best as a nose tackle in a 3-4 defensive front and is more of a two down player at this point.


Has good height and excellent bulk for a 3-4 nose tackle. Uses his impressive strength to hold at the point of attack. Isn’t going to beat blockers with quickness but can power himself into the backfield. Exhibits impressive balance for a big man. Has been a durable performer. Possesses a high ceiling for development as a run-stuffer.
Probably a two-down player at the next level who will come out in pass rush situations. Endurance is a concern, and he can be worn down. Relies on raw power and needs to improve his hand use. Doesn’t have the initial quickness to beat blockers off the snap. Lacks athleticism out of the box and won’t chase down plays. Scouting

Technique: When Cody is trying hard, his technique is actually fairly sound. He keeps his hands inside the pads of blockers and sinks his hips to drive. However, Cody can get lazy and stop using his fundamentals.

Verdict: We don't have a need for Cody on the team, which means that we won't be picking him. However, if we switch back to the 4-3, Cody would absolutely be monstrous next to Wilfork in the middle. He's a starter on most teams that will pick him, which means that Cody will be in high demand. Expect us to try and trade down with a team that wants to use Cody in their new 3-4 defense. Also expect us to pull a fast one and get a great deal.