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New England Patriots Links 4/09/10 - Kevin Faulk Sounds Off, Dez Bryant Works Out, Tedy Bruschi Checks In

<em>Kevin Faulk begins his 12th season not as fast as he was as a rookie, but much smarter and stronger.</em>
Kevin Faulk begins his 12th season not as fast as he was as a rookie, but much smarter and stronger.

Christopher Price writes that Kevin Faulk is still a bit upset at being a second-round pick.

"Of course. Why wouldn’t I be? You go on visits, you get told you’re a first-round pick," he said Thursday morning after a workout at Gillette Stadium. "You get told by a couple of teams, ‘We’re going to draft you. We’re going to draft you with our pick.’

"The team I love the most, standing on the surface right now, told me we’ve got two picks in the first round, and we’re going to take you with one of them. Two picks came, and I wasn’t taken," Faulk said of the Patriots, who took center Damien Woody and linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer. "But it’s like I said, it’s like [a] marriage. You’re mad one day, and then, it’s like, ‘OK, here I am. Here’s what I have to do.’"

Ian Rapoport reports LB Marques Murrell still feels that undrafted chip weighing on his shoulder.

In his first meeting with the media yesterday, the linebacker trumpeted his affinity for special teams (13 tackles in 2009) and described himself as still being in the "must-prove-myself" situation.

"Everything I get in this league, I have to fight for," Murrell said. "You can look at that as a blessing or a curse. Some guys go to big schools, and they don’t quite understand how hard you have to work. I look at it more like a blessing to even have this opportunity."


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