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Rating the New England Patriots Draft: #42 Rob Gronkowski

42. Rob Gronkowski, TE Arizona

Players left: Kindle, QB Jimmy Clausen, FS Taylor Mays, DT Joseph Linval


  • Best blocking tight end in the draft.
  • Top 5 receiving tight end in the draft.
  • Big size.
  • Strong player.
  • Beat the Ravens to pick the best overall TE in the draft.


  • Coming from back surgery, if his back shows any weakness he won't reach his potential.
  • Hasn't played in a year.
  • Had to give up our #190 pick to move up.

Summary: If Gronkowski remains healthy, he has the potential to be the move useful player in this draft. He fills a need and he has the potential to become our franchise tight end that we've missed since Ben Coates.

Final Player Grade: A-. I'm still concerned about his back.

Final Draft Pick Grade: A-. I don't think giving up the #190th overall pick is a big enough to warrant a grade penalty to drop down this draft pick grade.