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USA Today: NFL's All-Decade Team - Featuring the New England Patriots

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USA Today has released their All-Decade NFL team.


QB - Tom Brady
WR - Randy Moss and Wes Welker
DL - Richard Seymour
LB - Mike Vrabel
ST - Adam Vinatieri
Coach - Bill Belichick

And that's with Ty Law narrowly missing a DB position.

Oh, and the coaching staff is basically any coach who has a Super Bowl victory, minus Sean Payton and Tom Coughlin.


No mention of Big Vince Wilfork.

Not a mention of Matt Light on the O-Line (I wouldn't have him on the roster, but he deserves at least an honorable mention), due to a quartet of Hall of Fame tackles.

In non-Patriots news, no mention of Reggie Wayne in the wide receivers.

Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre are the back-up QBs.

Ronnie Brown makes the roster, despite an injury plagued career.

Patrick Willis makes the roster, despite having little experience in the decade...

...which makes this next one even more surprising: no Darrelle Revis? If Willis can make the roster with his little experience, Revis definitely should be at least a mention.


What are your thoughts on the all-decade roster?