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New England Patriots Links 5/11/10 - Wes Welker: 'Every Day Is Looking A Bit Brighter'

<em>Sammy Morris visits Air National Guard's 104th Fighter Wing</em>.
Sammy Morris visits Air National Guard's 104th Fighter Wing.

Jenni Carlson (The Oklahoman) Don't count Wes Welker out.

"Obviously, this isn’t something you can really just fight through," he said. "You’ve got to go in stages. You’ve got to make sure you’re doing everything possible to heal the right way and make sure you’re ready to go."

He works every day with his knee to increase his flexibility and improve his extension. Only three months after the surgery, he is already jogging again. "I’m happy about where we are," he said. "Hopefully, we can just continue to have positive days and keep moving forward."

Welker isn’t ready to target a date for his return. "It’s so early right now, it’s hard to put any sort of timetable on it," he said. "My main deal is just working hard and putting myself in the best position possible to be ready whenever I’m ready. No telling when that’s going to be or how long it’s going to take, but all I can do is just work hard."

"Every day," Welker said, "is looking a little bit brighter."

Tom E. Curran says Brady can, because of his standing and resume, walk in and pull rank.

Even if he's a part-time participant, he can demand higher performances from a guy who's been there every day without that rankling that player because he's got the notches on his belt that announce, "I've done everything you are attempting to do."

It would be one thing if Brady were in Cabo or Milledgeville and not pushing his son on a swing in a California playground.

But he isn't. The team-time he's sacrificing now is something he's earned. It would be better for the New England Patriots if he were at Gillette. But it's better for Brady to be near his kids as much as he wants in the offseason. It is, very much, what it is.