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New England Patriots Links 5/12/10 - Tom Brady Working Hard Wherever He Is; Torry Holt Shows Media The Finger

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Wanna see something <em>really</em> creepy?  Torry Holt shows off his 'trophy finger'.
Wanna see something really creepy? Torry Holt shows off his 'trophy finger'.

Mike Reiss reports Torry Holt takes pride in his mentoring role.

Holt talked about how he feels the best way he can mentor younger receivers like Brandon Tate, Julian Edelman and Co., is by example. Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker had credited Holt with mentoring him last year, and Holt relayed how he’s already spoken with Edelman about other teams now have a full year of tape to study him and prepare to defend him. His message was that Edelman now has to put himself in position to counter that.

"That’s how you stay relevant, that’s how you stay consistent, and that’s how you become a good player in the National Football League," Holt said.

Reflecting on his mentors. When it comes to those who mentored him early in his career with the Rams, Holt pointed to Isaac Bruce, Ricky Proehl, Marshall Faulk, Mike Jones and Ernie Conwell, among others. "Those were the guys that I had to show me the way," he said.

Tom Brady talks about how he works out while in Paris with Gisele for her work.

"It’s actually pretty nice. She’s working, she’s busy, sometimes I can work out three time a day. I’ve never minded working out, and thank God for that. When she’s working all day, it gives me time to do exactly what I needed to do. I find that whenever I travel, I do pretty lengthy workouts. … There’s not as much throwing. Those little French guys, they don’t know what the hell football is, I’d probably blow one of their hands out."

Mike Reiss doesn't see much happening with the Logan Mankins contract talks.

Nothing imminent. From what I understand, the sides aren't engaged in any type of serious negotiation at this time. While things can change fast, I don't view the present situation as one in which any momentum is building toward an extension. I also think Mankins can now look at the mega-deal signed by Saints' guard Jahri Evans, a restricted free agent like himself, and dig his heels in a bit deeper in terms of pushing for an extension.