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A Couple New England Patriots Show Their Charitable Side

While most of us are wrapped up in the football side of football (funny how that happens, right?), it's always nice to see how our favorite football players translate their success on the field into success in the greater New England community. This week features two prominent members of the New England Patriots hosting events to raise money for charities.

The first player is long time offensive tackle, Super Bowl champion, Pro Bowler and All Pro Matt Light. Yesterday, Light hosted a small event with Sports Illustrated writer Peter King, ESPN writer Mike Reiss and fan favorite wide receiver Julian Edelman. Reiss reports that there were around 30 people at the event and that the four "celebrities" shared a lunch with the guests. There was "a behind-the-scenes discussion of all things Patriots over a terrific lunch," to quote Mike Reiss. Proceeds from this event went to the Greater Boston Food Bank, as well as the Light Foundation, which is Matt Light's organization dedicated to instilling leadership qualities in the younger members of the community.

The second player is long time running back, Super Bowl champion and overall quintessential Patriot Kevin Faulk. This Saturday, according to the Boston Globe, will feature Faulk's celebrity softball game. It looks to be a great success, should the event follow the previous years' trend.

Faulk raises money for the United Way, and numerous current and former Pats players have turned out in support of the veteran running back: Randy Moss, Vince Wilfork, Ty Warren, Tedy Bruschi, Matt Cassel, and Doug Flutie are among those who have played in the past.

As stated in the quote, Faulk will raise money for the United Way, which is a foundation dedicated to improving communities around the world. Proceeds will be made by selling tickets; both general admission tickets, as well as more expensive "VIP tickets" will be available, with the latter giving the purchaser access to meet the celebrities.

It's great to see players, especially on the Patriots, stepping up into a leadership role off the field. Earlier this year, Jerod Mayo hosted his own "Mayo Bowl" where many players participated in the event. Charitable events help promote camaraderie amongst the players who appear and will definitely help the younger players create a rapport with the older veterans.

In a league where scandal seems to arise every week, it's nice to see our favorite players being role models.