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New England Patriots Links 5/14/10 - Derrick Burgess Is Back

<em><a href="">Matt Light visited the James Russell Lowell School</a> in Watertown and spoke to the awed kids about being responsible and giving their all</em>.
Matt Light visited the James Russell Lowell School in Watertown and spoke to the awed kids about being responsible and giving their all.

Tom E. Curran points out a couple of nuggets from Dan Koppen's interview with the media.

He looks slimmer and, after an injury-scarred 2009, says he feels "good". Of the injuries, he said, "No one is healthy in this league past day one of training camp. There's a difference between if you're injured or you're hurt. If you're hurt, you can play through it and you don't use those things as excuses. I was good enough to go and if I wasn't good enough to go at certain points ... I know I could take myself out of that situation where I'd be a hinder to the team and I'd never want to do that. Health-wise last year, I was good to go."

Karen Guregian catches up with former Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe, who still keeps tabs on the Pats, coach Bill Belichick and the team.

"I still consider myself a Patriot," Bledsoe said. "It’s cool to see that they’ve taken what . . . I felt like when I got here, I left it better than it was when I started, and I feel they’ve picked up from where I’ve left, and they’ve made it better than it was when I left. It’s cool to see that tradition of excellence continuing on."

"That’s such a cool building," Bledsoe said [after touring the Patriots Hall of Fame]. "Our kids are getting old enough now, we need to get them back here, so they can check some of this stuff out. They’ll have a lot of fun when they get to come back for that stuff. It’s really cool."

Ian Rapoport gets Drew Bledsoe's thought's on Julian Edelman wearing number 11.

"It looks like he’s a really good player, so it’s cool," Bledsoe told Karen Guregian and I yesterday. "It looks like he plays hard and hustles. That’s good. Maybe people can get their (No.) 11 jerseys back out and wear them and support him."

When it came time for it to reappear, owner Robert Kraft called Bledsoe as a courtesy to let him know someone would be wearing it again. Bledsoe was cool with it.