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Wes Welker: "Just the ACL"

UPDATE: Nevermind.


We all thought that Wes Welker was recovering from a devastating ACL + MCL injury. Now, according to an AP report, it seems as if the ACL was the only thing wrong.

According to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, a reporter asked Welker about his ACL and MCL, to which Welker replied:

...just the ACL.

If Welker only injured his ACL, this is great news for his football career. I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure that the MCL is extremely necessary for lateral movement, since it's on the inside of the knee. One of the main concerns about Welker's injury is how he would recover and continue to do his cut moves.

According to, in a typical MCL and ACL tearing injury:

...The standard is not to repair the MCL...they try to make the leg stronger to hold it in place without the ligament.

That means that one of the more necessary ligaments, for Welker's type of game, is left not repaired. If Welker is telling the truth, we may still get to see the old Welker back on the field. While this news may not change the time table of his return, it should make his return all the more natural.

Hopefully, Welker can make a speedy recovery.