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Some Highlights from Kevin Faulk's Softball Game!

Longtime New England Patriot running back Kevin Faulk hosted his annual softball charity game yesterday. Here's some highlights, courtesy of Patriots Twitter.

Starting pitcher for the Kevin Faulk All-Stars, Tedy Bruschi.

After a swing and a miss by Meriweather, all 14 All-Stars in the field took a seat for the rest of his at bat. He singled.

The end of inning entertainment of a Dance Off b/w 6' 8" lineman Sebastian Vollmer & Julian Edelman was well worth price of admission.

Here's a link to a picture of the night.

Boston Herald's Karen Guregian of the Rap Sheet made an appearance and she recorded the following pieces:

If you were looking for the classic ringer, it was kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who got a partial scholarship at Memphis to play baseball along with football. He played shortstop last night for the winning team and while his arm was a bit erratic, did hit one home run.

Safety Brandon Meriweather, who wasn’t bad out in left field, didn’t sound exactly thrilled by the sudden influx of Florida Gators on the team...Meriweather is clearly outnumbered. "I’m a (Miami) Hurricane for life, so I don’t want to talk about that."

Overall, it seems like the event was a great success. I'm proud to be a New England Patriots fan after how well the team has been doing this off-season; it seems as if the team is doing a charitable event every week. All these events, away from the football field, is definitely a great way to build a sense of community amongst the players that goes beyond the gridiron.

Thank you, Kevin Faulk, for being such a positive influence on not only the New England Patriots, but also being such a great member of the greater community in New England. Thank you.