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Drew Bledsoe Would Be Entering the Final Year of His Contract

Photo Courtesy, photo credit by Peter Ventrone
Photo Courtesy, photo credit by Peter Ventrone

It's funny how things work out.

While doing your typical Monday football research and reminiscing, I realized that former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledose, the number one overall pick in 1993, would be entering the final year of his 10 year, $103 million contract extension that he signed in March of 2001 (if he were retained).

I'm not sure that Bledsoe would have ever reached that 10 year mark (for example, there were options after years 4 and 7), but I found this interesting nonetheless. For your entertainment, here's a little bit on what people were saying at the time:

BOSTON - The contract, agent David Dunn acknowledged, is "quite complicated," which presumably is true because it covers 17 type-written pages and contains enough technical provisions and legal clauses to make an ordinary person's hair ache.

On the other hand, the bottom line is easy to grasp.

By agreeing to accept a 10-year, $103-million contract extension yesterday, Drew Bledsoe virtually assured that he will finish his NFL career where it began, with the New England Patriots.

Another interesting note on Bledsoe as the number one overall pick in 1993: Ty Warren is the current holdover from that selection. When the Patriots traded Bledsoe in 2002, they traded him for the Buffalo Bill's 2003 first round pick (14th overall). While the team moved up one spot to take Warren, there is no question, that in 2010, the Patriots are still seeing the benefits of the first overall pick from 1993. Thank you Dick MacPherson, Hugh Millen, Leonard Russell, and the rest of that terrific 1992 squad.

Overall, I found this little tidbit on one of my all-time favorite Patriots interesting and I thought it should help satisfy your Patriots hunger this Monday afternoon. Expect a write-up on the Logan Mankins situation late tonight/early tomorrow morning.