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New England Patriots Links 5/18/10 - Whooah, We're Half Way There... To The 2010 NFL Regular Season

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<em>C'mon New England, Mankins' beard alone is worth at least six figures</em>.
C'mon New England, Mankins' beard alone is worth at least six figures.

Ian Rapoport notes Tom Brady sought out Rodney Harrison and Willie McGinest for advice on how to balance family and football. 

"People think he’s losing his edge," Harrison said. "But Tom Brady’s not losing his edge. Tom Brady would never lose his edge because he was a sixth-round draft choice out of Michigan. That’s his mentality each and every year. Tom’s at a point now where he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. And one thing you never have to worry about Tom being is complacent. It’s not like he’s going to sit back and eat popcorn and cookies the entire offseason and come back 60 pounds overweight. That’s going to fuel him to stay focused."

"Trust me, Belichick isn’t home, biting his nails, nervous that Brady is going to show up out of shape," Harrison said. "Tom is the last person I’d ever worry about not being ready for this 2010 football season."

McGinest, an ultimate leader, spoke along the same lines.

"I think some people are making mountains out of molehills," McGinest said. "Football is our job. We’re professionals. We get paid a lot of money to be in shape, to know what to do. I just think the fans need to understand the big picture. We give 100 percent dedication to football. (Brady) knows what it takes to get ready. You have to respect (that) the man wants to be with his family. I think that’s a good thing."

James Sanders notes the similarities between Belichick and Fresno State's Patt Hill, one of Belichick's assistant coaches in Cleveland.

"The team here, it’s a hardworking team," Sanders said. "Bill likes players in college who are hardworking players from hardworking programs. Like me and some of the Fresno State guys related to Pat Hill, we had a hardworking program there, kind of like an NFL program. Same thing with [Belichick], drafting a lot of Florida guys and a lot of guys that he sees in college, he tries to bring that same attitude over to the Patriots. He did a great job of drafting this year, and I’m looking forward to meeting those guys."

"Every day in practice, [you're] working extremely hard," Sanders said. "Even the last practice before the game, you’re going out there working hard, not going through the motions. That’s the same thing being here on a Bill Belichick team. You work hard each and every day, and he demands that. To be successful, you have to give it your all each and every day."