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U.S. Appeals Court Throws Out Jets' Fans' Lawsuit over SpyGate

And so it continues. Spygate just won't go away, but hopefully the complainers are getting the hint- nothing's going to happen. The New England Patriots bended the rule, got caught, got penalized and now we move on. A lawyer from New York, and a New York Jets' season ticket holder, filed a lawsuit on the grounds that game between the Patriots and the Jets were "rigged" and that the Patriots should pay Jets' season ticket holders money for wasting their time.

A U.S. Appeals Court in Philadelphia recently dismissed the case due to the idiocy of the complaint. The judges basically told the lawyer that he had no business being in the court since there was no legal precedence for the ludicrous charges.

I think it's absurd that these activities are still going on today. Hopefully all the complainers take a page out of Arlen Specter's book and just give up. There must be better things to do than waste the court's time with pointless cases. Yes, the Patriots filmed out of location. Yes, they got caught. Yes, they got penalized. No, there was not competitive advantage. Give up already; there's no point in complaining.

You don't need a judge to tell that to you.