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New England Patriots Links 5/20/10 - Tyrone McKenzie Confident He Can Contribute

<em>Tyrone McKenzie healthy, and confident he can contribute</em>.
Tyrone McKenzie healthy, and confident he can contribute.

Karen Guregian says Tyrone McKenzie has kept his focus.

While McKenzie played inside linebacker in a 4-3 scheme in college, he seemed poised to make the adjustment to a 3-4. He said he’s put on about eight pounds, going from 240 to 248, and feels faster and stronger and has more "power when I bring the heat." He certainly wasn’t shy when describing what he’s going to be able to do to help the team.

"I’m very strong, I’m very fast. I have a lot of assets that are part of my game," said McKenzie, who is good to go with no restrictions and claimed he wouldn’t need to wear a brace on the surgically repaired knee. "You guys (the media) can fill in the blanks. I’ll give you plenty to write about. I just have to get on the field first."

As for what kind of linebacker he is, McKenzie wasn’t into labels because he can do just about anything.

"I’m more of a hybrid linebacker, to where I have the size, I have the height, I have the weight, but I have the speed too," he said. What he continues to be is an intriguing prospect, one whose intangibles jump out at you.