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New England Patriots Links 5/27/10 - Media Day at the OTAs

<em>What really makes the world go 'round?  Belichick twirling his whistle. </em>.
What really makes the world go 'round? Belichick twirling his whistle. .

Karen Guregian reports CB Terrence Wheatley starts his third season in a make-or-break position, but right now he's only concentrating on improving.

"All I can do is go out there and practice hard.’’

"The main thing for this, if you come out here, you want to focus on communication, really a lot of technique stuff,’’ he said. "You’re not trying to look more forward than that — working technique, working communication, trying to get a feel for the new guys, really just fine-tuning your game.

"I can’t do more than get better every day,’’ he said, "and it’s up to the coaches to put me out there, and then when they put me out there, I have to go out there and make plays and earn their trust and respect, and the rest will take care of itself.’’

Andy Hart observes the tight ends at yesterday's practice.

The [Tight End] group looks really versatile. Many of the offensive sets included multiple tight ends, lined up tight, wide and in motion. Gronkowski seems to spend the most time in a three-point stance at the end of the line, while Crumpler and Aaron Hernandez were split a lot. I am very much intrigued by the makeup, versatility and potential of this group in its entirety.

Another note on Hernandez, for whatever the reason, I thought he looked better today than in rookie camp. I thought his speed, athleticism and ability looked more obvious. He caught the ball well. Showed good burst after his receptions and, overall, stood out to me today.

Torry Holt describes his style of play to the media after the workout:

"Smooth," he said with a smile. "Flat-out, smooth. Good hands. Everything comes with smooth."