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New England Patriots Links 5/28/10 - Belichick: 'It's been nice, work on our suntan a little bit, break a sweat, it's been good'

<em>Big boy TE Rob Gronkowski at yesterday's OTA</em>
Big boy TE Rob Gronkowski at yesterday's OTA

Mike Reiss notes Kevin Faulk expects the intensity level to be high when the Patriots' seasoned veterans participate in the OTAs.

"The intensity level is probably going to be high," running back Kevin Faulk said when asked what could be expected. "Expectations of the guys that are coming in that weren’t here this week are going to be high. Coach is going to expect things to run a little more smoothly. It’s supposed to. We’re veteran guys and we know what we have to do. We know what’s at stake for us right now as a football team."

With the Patriots scheduled to practice with the Saints and Falcons this preseason, he was asked what he remembers from the work against the Giants. "Very intense," he recalled. "Some guys don’t like some guys and they get into it. But from my understanding, it’s something that always happened. Guys get into it because you’re hot, you’re tired, you’ve been practicing all day, and you’re practicing against someone that you really haven’t been practicing against."

Jeff Howe notes Robert Kraft's confidence in the eventual contract resolutions of Logan Mankins and Tom Brady.

"Those are two young men that will be on this team," Kraft said, "and two important people for us in the future here."