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Pats Pulpit Mock Draft Winner!

Only Draft

1st Place: Sam F/I Like Tea tie

2nd Place: JonnyNYC

3rd Place: Patsfandan

4th Place: Csigs

5th Place: EAKFootball


Including the Bonus Guesses

1st Place: I Like Tea

2nd Place: Sam F

3rd Place: EAKFootball/JonnyNYC tie

4th Place: Csigs

5th Place: Patsfandan


Most Correct Picks: Sam F with 9

Most Correct in a Row: EAKFootball with 6

Most Correct Pulpit Pick: Sam Bradford, 1st overall - 100%

Least Correct Pick: Saints, #32, only 1 person said CB.


Congrats to everyone who participated! I'll take my 9th place trophy and cry myself to sleep...