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New England Patriots Links 5/31/10 - Memorial Day Edition


Shalise Manza Young remembers Patriots DL Marquise Hill.

Three years ago today, the Patriots lost one of their own players, defensive lineman Marquise Hill.

Hill hadn't yet made an impact on the field in New England -- a second-round draft pick out of Louisiana State in 2004, he had played in 14 career games through his first three years, but by many accounts was poised for a breakout year in 2007, intent on proving that he wasn't a bust.

But over Memorial Day weekend that year, back in his native New Orleans with his fiancee and their young son, Hill went Jet Skiing with a female friend on Lake Pontchartrain. Neither had on a personal flotation device. The Jet Ski capsized, and Hill helped the friend to a wooden piling at the base of a bridge but then was swept away by currents so strong not even a 6-foot-6, 300 pound man could fight through them.

Hill was just 24 years old.

Shalise Manza Young reports WR Randy Moss has parted ways with longtime agent Tim DiPiero and will represent himself for the remainder of his career.

"Randy has talked to me for a while about finishing his career without an agent and recently told me that as a veteran entering his 13th season, he no longer believed he needs an agent," wrote DiPiero. "He told me he would be sending me official notice of his decision, which he did last week.

"It has been a privilege representing him all these years and to have had a close-up view as we all watched a high school kid, who was this incredible phenom, grow into a man and one of the greatest NFL players of all time. What has been most satisfying is to see him give back to our local community, especially to the kids. Randy has a soft spot for kids and when he does things for them, he does it for the right reasons. I will continue to catch him on TV each Sunday and root for him to get a [Super Bowl] ring before he retires.’’