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New England Patriots Links 5/04/10 - Tom Brady Back as Best Buddies Honorary Chairman

<em>DL Brandon Deaderick works through a drill at rookie mini-camp</em>.
DL Brandon Deaderick works through a drill at rookie mini-camp.

Tom E. Curran takes back his quibble with the New England Patriots that they should have taken Dez Bryant - especially after analyzing the 44 wide receivers taken in the first round of the draft since 2000.

Dez Bryant is halfway to being the NFL’s answer to Paris Hilton . . . famous for being famous. Despite the fact he played only three games in 2009, he and Tim Tebow dominated the runup to the draft, the draft itself and the post-draft conversations.

One incident at a time, it’s easy to understand why Bryant’s done what he has. He got screwed by the NCAA, he’s had his upbringing and intelligence openly questioned, and he’s been treated like crap by potential employers in job interviews. He’s turned into a sideshow. And because of his penchant for taking the bait, the show will go on.

Ian Rapoport talks about what happens next for the Patriots rookies.

Well, the rookies are all sent home with a ton of knowledge, lots of terminology, and plenty of things to study. They aren’t allowed back in the facility until May 17, while veterans, of course, will still be here training.

Defensive tackle Brandon Deaderick summed up the goals for the weeks following the camp. "My main thing is just retain all the information I learned up here in mini-camp," Deaderick said, "and just getting in better shape and being able to keep up with the vets. It was a learning experience, just gotta take a little bit at a time."