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Wednesday Night Discussion: Which New England Patriots' Rookie are you most excited about?

Summary of Selections

Rd 1, Pick 27 (27) McCourty, Devin CB 
Rd 2, Pick 10 (42) Gronkowski, Rob TE 
Rd 2, Pick 21 (53) Cunningham, Jermaine DE 
Rd 2, Pick 30 (62) Spikes, Brandon LB 
Rd 3, Pick 26 (90) Price, Taylor WR 
Rd 4, Pick 15 (113) Hernandez, Aaron TE 
Rd 5, Pick 19 (150) Mesko, Zoltan P 
Rd 6, Pick 36 (205) Larsen, Ted OL 
Rd 7, Pick 1 (208) Welch, Thomas OL 
Rd 7, Pick 40 (247) Deaderick, Brandon DE 
Rd 7, Pick 41 (248) Weston, Kade DT 
Rd 7, Pick 43 (250) Robinson, Zac QB


Undrafted FA Pick-Ups

WR Bryan Anderson
S Sergio Brown
WR Buddy Farnham
LB Dane Fletcher
CB Terrence Johnson
DL Kyle Love
RB Pat Paschall
S Ross Ventrone
OL John Wise


Basic question. Which rookie are you most excited about for the upcoming season?

Are you curious as to whether Devin McCourty can steal the #2 cornerback slot?

Can TE Rob Gronkowski become a red zone threat- and how much of a threat is his back?

Is DE/OLB Jermaine Cunningham a great player who flew under the pre-draft radar? Or is he the biggest bust in waiting?

Is ILB Brandon Spikes going to form a the best ILB tandem in the NFL with Jerod Mayo? Or is he actually too slow?

Does WR Taylor Price have enough talent to steal the #3 slot from Torry Holt or Brandon Tate?

Is TE Aaron Hernandez able to put away the weed and leave defenders eating grass?

Is P Zoltan Mesko good enough to beat the Aussie for the punting spot?

Will Larsen or Welch make the roster? Will Deaderick or Weston be able to step up into a 3-4 role? Is Robinson able to steal the back-up spot from Hoyer?

Do any of the undrafted players have a chance at the roster?

Let's talk! Which player are you most excited about?