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New England Patriots Links 6/01/10 - Brady And Moss At Gillette For OTAs

<em>Receiving Royalty (with a Jet at his feet), Randy Moss is looking to haul in some off-the-field bucks</em>.
Receiving Royalty (with a Jet at his feet), Randy Moss is looking to haul in some off-the-field bucks.

Ian Rapoport reports Moss is on the hunt for new agent representation and feels he has 5-6 good years left in the league.

Randy Moss doesn’t want to look back and wonder why fans rarely saw him without a helmet. He doesn’t want the public to wonder why he was so visible on the field and so invisible off it.

"I’m still playing at a high level, I’m still marketable," Moss said, one day before joining his teammates in organized team activities. "I’m looking for an agent that’s going to get out there and market my marketing ability, because I still feel like I can shoot commercials and do this and do that. I just need somebody that will get that off-the-field money, man, what I deserve."

"I’m ready to get out here, practice, and try to make myself and this team better, to try to make a Super Bowl run."

Mike Reiss lists the top 5 contractual priorities for the Pats.

1. Tom Brady -- Quarterback enters the final year of his contract for the first time of his NFL career.

2. Logan Mankins -- Two-time Pro Bowl guard, in his prime years, is a restricted free agent who has stayed away from voluntary workouts.

3. Randy Moss -- Still a No. 1 receiver who opposing defenses must respect in the game-planning process. (check out the video at the bottom for more on Moss parting ways with his agent)

4. Wes Welker -- If he was not recovering from a serious knee injury, he could have made a strong case for a pay raise on his deal that extends through 2011.

5. Stephen Gostkowski -- Kicker enters his fifth season and signed his restricted free-agent tender to return to the team.