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New England Patriots Links 6/10/10 - Teammates Help Each Other Out For Charity

<em>Randy Moss is the new spokesman for the football video game "Quick Hit."</em>
Randy Moss is the new spokesman for the football video game "Quick Hit."

Mike Reiss notes Sebastian Vollmer is comfortable at right or left tackle.

"I don't think it matters to me any more," he answered. "Probably coming out of college, just because I was a left tackle, it took me a while getting used to it (on the right side). Now it really doesn't matter."

"What is it now, six practices? You never know," Vollmer said. "I come in in the morning and whatever they tell me to do, that's where I line up. It's always good to get exposure wherever it is. It can only benefit down the line, so we'll see what happens in training camp."

Ian Rapoport notes Sebastian Vollmer was in Foxboro yesterday encouraging kids to read by sharing his own experience learning English.

"I picked up the Dan Brown book, (‘The Da Vinci Code’) in English, and I tried to translate it," said Vollmer, who was joined by guard Stephen Neal and defensive lineman Damione Lewis at the event. "Looking up the words, writing over it, reading it again. I remember that. . . . If only a couple kids get the message and actually decide to read, it’s going to benefit them down the road."

Karen Guregian reports this Saturday, several Pats are giving old friend and former teammate Heath Evans a hand for the New Orleans fullback’s 5th annual 7-on-7 championships being held in West Palm Beach, Florida.

”Randy always challenges the kids. He’s always the one that drives the point home, it’s not all about athletics. You need to find a way to get your high school diploma. You need to find a way to get your college degree,” Evans said. ”One of you might be the next lawyer or the next doctor. Don’t be so singularly-minded. His challenge to the kids is: you can do more than just play sports. Randy always shocks me. He’s always there to deliver a great message.”