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New England Patriots Links 6/14/10 - Today Mankins Will Sign Or Decline

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<em>Linebackers Pierre Woods and Tyrone McKenzie participate in a "Cancer Buzz-Off" charity event</em>.
Linebackers Pierre Woods and Tyrone McKenzie participate in a "Cancer Buzz-Off" charity event.

Albert Breer tries to clear up the Mankins situation.

Now, our story has some more detail on this sticky situation. The team does have a multi-year offer on the table for Mankins. But there's no indication the sides are close to a deal now, and the letters that were sent out last week by teams like the Patriots and Broncos and Chargers and Buccaneers weren't well-received by the players' camps, and raised some eyebrows in the union.

Ian Rapoport reports Tyrone McKenzie and Pierre Woods helped raise funds to benefit One Mission and Children’s Hospital Boston yesterday, participating in a Kids Cancer Buzz-Off.

They shaved the heads of children who raised money to support for family members or close ones who have cancer.

"My father died of stomach cancer when I was 9," said McKenzie, a second-year player from South Florida. "It was a tough time, and I wouldn’t have become the person I am today (without it). But this was something that I highlighted on my schedule that I wanted to do. It’s a great opportunity to try to do whatever I can to help. That’s huge for the kids to cut their hair off for cancer."

"This has a special place in my heart," said Woods, who noted his mother is doing well. "Knowing that the kids have cancer and are fighting the battle, all they have is people’s support, the doctors’ support, their families support. . . . To come out and support the event is huge."