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New England Patriots Links 6/15/10 - Mini-Camp Opens; Mankins' Pay Cut; Sam Cunningham Voted to Patriots Hall of Fame

<em>A shout out to the well-deserved election of Sam "Bam" Cunningham to the Patriots Hall of Fame</em>.
A shout out to the well-deserved election of Sam "Bam" Cunningham to the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Albert Breer reports Logan Mankins is angry about the Patriots not 'keeping their word,' but clarifies that the Patriots did make him an offer.

"After the 2008 season, me and my agent approached the Patriots about an extension and I was told that Mr. Kraft did not want to do an extension because of the [NFL labor situation],’’ Mankins said. "I was asked to play ’09 out, and that they would address the contract during the uncapped year. I’m a team player, I took them at their word, and I felt I played out an undervalued contract.

"Right now, this is about principle with me and keeping your word and how you treat people. This is what I thought the foundation of the Patriots was built on. Apparently, I was wrong. Growing up, I was taught a man’s word is his bond. Obviously this isn’t the case with the Patriots.’’

According to an NFL source, a five-year deal worth approximately $7 million per year has been on the table "for a significant amount of time,’’ which would have placed Mankins among the top five highest-paid players at his position.

Shalise Manza Young notes Sam Cunningham says it is "wonderful" to be remembered by fans who chose him as this year's Patriots Hall of Fame inductee.

"It is really, really special," he said. "The two others that were on the nominating list - Jon Morris and Houston (Antwine), both of them deserve this as much as I do, maybe more. They were before me; they set the foundation...I'm just ecstatic about being part of the Patriots Hall of Fame."

"To be remembered by them is wonderful. At the end of the day, all you have is how you were remembered," he said.

Ian R. Rapoport reports Wes Welker's trainer, Jeremy "Troll" Subin, explains that the goal for Welker is to have him take the field in 2010 free of concerns.

"Part of that is introducing unpredictable things," said Subin, a diminutive former power lifter who has been a trainer for 16 years. "If he can’t control what’s happening by trying to do the drill perfectly, then it’s more realistic for what his job entails. The unbridled sacrifice-your-body-for-the-team approach is very difficult to simulate, but the better that can be provided for him, the easier it’s going to be when he goes back to work."

"To change direction, to plant, to be balanced, to be able to move, control himself when he’s tired," Subin said. "We’re on all different kinds of surfaces with him - on a matted area inside, or on the grass, on field turf, on the sand, balancing, on different kinds of balance devices where it’s rotational components."