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New England Patriots Links 6/18/10 - Caserio: Chung, Butler and Edleman Made Biggest Jumps

<em>Rookie TE Rob Gronkowski goes through a drill at mini-camp</em>.
Rookie TE Rob Gronkowski goes through a drill at mini-camp.

Bill Belichick speaks with the media following the end of mini-camp.

Well we are wrapping up today. I thought the players worked hard and had a good number of practice sessions that have been competitive, but it's still a good teaching progression and we got a lot of people a lot of reps and I think that will do us good in the long run; working guys at different positions and all of those kinds of things. It's a good evaluation of where we're at and I think everybody has got a lot to work on. Coaches, players, individually, collectively, but we are off to a decent start here and I think we have a good foundation heading into training camp. That's what we were hoping for and we'll be ready for camp in five weeks.

Erik Scalavino reports QB coach Bill O'Brien is pleased with the results of the OTAs and mini-camp; News and notes from the last day of practice.

In full-squad scrimmage simulation, the play of the day was made by rookie TE Rob Gronkowski. In a red-zone situation, Gronkowski ran what looked like a skinny-post pattern, but was surrounded by about four blue-shirted defenders. Nevertheless, quarterback Tom Brady fired a pass in Gronkowski’s direction, albeit a bit high and slightly behind him. The 6-6 Gronkowski made a great adjustment, twisting his body 180-degrees counterclockwise while leaping and extending for the ball in between the converging defense. Gronkowski came down with the ball and crossed the goal line without breaking stride.

Andy Hart offers his observations from Thursday's third and final mini-camp.

Gerard Warren got plenty of reps on the D-line that we’re now referring to as the WWW group, working with Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork. Can you say We’ll see.

Feels like time for another Moss update. He’s simply the best. Smooth as ever. Made a nice, one-handed catch look easier than most players can with two hands. Caught a touchdown in a red zone drill and subsequently punted the ball farther than the Aussie David King ever did on the same practice field. And had a nice, hands-only reception beating Jonathan Wilhite on an out. Mid-season form physically. Getting his teammates excited and competing as a vocal leader. I see a big year from No. 81. I don’t care what his motivation is, it should be fun to watch.




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