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New England Patriots Links 6/21/10 - Chad O'Shea Positively Assesses His Receivers

<em>WR Brandon Tate has worked extremely hard coming off a knee injury and keeping himself competitive</em>.
WR Brandon Tate has worked extremely hard coming off a knee injury and keeping himself competitive.

Albert Breer catches receivers' coach Chad O'Shea's assessments of some of his troops.

Brandon Tate: "Brandon Tate has done an outstanding job of, No. 1, coming off a knee injury. he's worked extremely hard in the offseason. The athletic trainers and the doctors and himself have done a great job to get him to the point where he is right now competing on the field. So that's No. 1. He's done very well this spring. He's still got a long way to go. He's worked hard, and right now, we're happy to have Brandon Tate on the football field like we are others players. We really feel like it's a good group. They're very competitive, and they've worked very hard.''

Randy Moss: "I think Randy is a player who is constantly trying to improve, that’s No. 1. That’s what is one of the unique things about Randy Moss. He’s always trying to get better within his skill set. That being in mind, he comes out to the practice field and really works extremely hard every day to improve and there’s still much to learn … that he can tell you he can learn more. He can do better. And that’s what he plans to do this year."

Julian Edelman: "Yeah, Julian’s been through the system for one year, like a lot of our other players who have been through the system for one year who were rookies last season. He’s definitely made improvements. He’s worked hard. He still has a very long way to go, as we all do, coaches and players. He’s definitely made progress within the past year, no question."

Taylor Price: "Tayor had a unique set of circumstances. He wasn’t allowed to be here with us this spring, but he did a great job of keeping up with the information that we presented him, as much as we could with him being at another location. I really think he did a good job of working to learn that information just as he is right now when he came in."

Torry Holt: ''Torry Holt has come in and been a great veteran leader for us. He's a guy that brings a wealth of experience to the playing field. He definitely has a certain skill set that the other guys can learn from. He's come out and worked very hard in his role and done everything we've asked him to do.''