Dwight Freeney shows love for Steve McNair and Tom Brady


Jason Cole: Who’s the toughest quarterback for you to play against? Dwight Freeney: I think one of the toughest quarterbacks I’ve played against was Steve McNair. Steve had the ability to run, then you’d hit him to bring him down, but he’d shrug it off. You felt like you were hitting a wall. He could scramble to run, scramble to throw. He had presence, and he wasn’t scared to sit in there and take a hit. You couldn’t rattle him. You try to take his head off, and he’d get up like nothing happened and I’m dizzy. That was one of the toughest guys I have ever played against. Outside of him, Tom Brady has great pocket presence, also. It’s not always about how fast you can get out of the pocket. It’s about knowing where to step up in the pocket and knowing where your strengths are on your offensive line, knowing where your protection is, and being able to go to those different spots. I think Tom does a great job at that and his poise is unmatched. It’s like he’s in practice just throwing. If you hit him, he crumbles, but it’s like he just gets right back up. He’s not a hard person to tackle, but it’s like his poise makes it seem like you’re not even bothering him. He’s not flinching. He’s just sitting there calm and collected.