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New England Patriots Links 6/24/10 - Andy Hart: Brady and the Patriots Are Due

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Andy Hart says Brady and the Pats are due and he'll see you all in Texas this Feb. 6.

Tom Brady has never gone more than two seasons in the NFL without a trip to the Super Bowl. He went to the big game and won it in 2001, 2003 and 2004. He went again (sorry to bring this up) and lost to the Giants in 2007.

So after entering the league in 2000, he went to the Bowl in his second season. He missed out in 2002. He then had his first of two two-year absences in 2005 and 2006. He’s in the second such streak now. Admittedly, his season-ending injury eliminated any chances he had in 2008, while the Baltimore Ravens equally emphatically eliminated his Big Game chances last January.

Albert Breer notes LB Tedy Bruschi is hosting his third annual SBLI Youth Football Clinic today at Gillette Stadium.

Retired Patriot Tedy Bruschi does a lot of under-the-radar good for people in this area. And most of it goes unnoticed because he seems to prefer it that way.

He let the cat out of the bag on this one: He will be hosting his third annual SBLI Youth Football Clinic tomorrow at Gillette Stadium.

An essay contest was held, and 54 kids were selected to participate in a gameday-like experience, that will start in the Patriot locker room and include the kids being introduced over the PA and going through the tunnel the way the players do. Some of Bruschi's ex-teammates will help out with drills after that as will a new friend of Bruschi's -- Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich.


  • Kyle Psaty details the June 1st comedy benefit for former RB Mosi Tatupu at Showcase Live.
  • PFW in Progress - 6/22/10: This edition continues the discussion of players that stood out in the recent Patriots Mini Camp, the contract situations for Tom Brady and Logan Mankins and a variety of other offseason topics. (1:59:02 audio clip)