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New England Patriots Links 6/28/10 - Belichick Anticipates "Interesting" Position Battles At Training Camp

<em>Tedy Bruschi still has that itch to play</em>.
Tedy Bruschi still has that itch to play.

Ian Rapoport notes Bill Belichick made his final public appearance before his summer vacation on the Patriots All Access show.

"Our players have a lot of confidence in their own abilities and can step up to the opportunities that they’ve gotten and competed well with their teammates and also against the offense," Belichick said on the show. "I think training camp’s going to be interesting on the defensive side of the ball. There’s a lot of young players that are talented and need some work on refining their techniques and reads and things like that, but once they get that down, it’ll be very interesting to see them compete against the players that we’ve had around here."

Ian Rapoport notes Tedy Bruschi still has a player's mindset. He still has a little desire to play, but knows that feeling doesn't apply to him anymore.

"Well, I’m still not one total year out, so I still have the feeling now like the countdown is on," said Bruschi, who retired during last preseason. "Because after mini-camps, you go to your last little break and you want to enjoy it and have a little vacation. But you still realize you’ve got to stay in shape and work out and run the conditioning test. ‘But wait, I want to go to the Cape and have fried clams.’ That’s what I would do. That’s what I would do. ‘So, man, I want to do this, so I’ll just run the test tomorrow.’ So, I still have the same feeling when I look at my watch and I look at the date and it says I’ve got a month left. I’ve got 30 days left. I still have that feeling, but it doesn’t apply to me anymore."

"I guess, I’m describing the itch," Bruschi said. "I guess, I still am describing the itch that is ingrained in my persona. Last year, around the Colts game. Last year during the playoffs is when I felt it the most, about, ‘I should still be out there.’ Changed my mind a little bit after seeing Ray Rice go 83. (Laughs). But it’s still there, it’s going to take a little while for it to go away."