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New England Patriots Links 6/29/10 - No Vacation For Deal-Man Floyd Reese

<em>High price of diplomacy: 'Psssst... President Putin... Vlad baby... that's my ring!'</em>
High price of diplomacy: 'Psssst... President Putin... Vlad baby... that's my ring!'

Andy Hart profiles rookie DT Kade Weston.

"It was one of the best moments of my life. I was so happy I couldn’t put it into words. Knowing that the program like the Patriots was calling me and wanted me to be a part of their program ... I was very excited," Weston said of the type of opportunities his family sought with the move to the States.

"We used to come on vacations [to the U.S.] and my mom had sacrificed and wanted a better life for me and to better myself. So we moved to the U.S. I went to high school in New Jersey, started playing football, got a scholarship and ended up at Georgia. Now I ended up being drafted. So it’s been a long time coming, a great experience and just having fun with it. Now I just have to go to work and continue to do what I’ve been doing."

"A lot of people were talking about how I fit the 3-4 scheme, like the Patriots. And when I worked out for them we were in the classroom doing work on the board and I was picking up stuff pretty good," Weston said. "We went outside and did stuff. We connected and I felt it wouldn’t be a bad fit. They seemed impressed. They were also impressed by my performance at our Pro Day."

"I think it prepared me well," Weston said of his battle for playing time in the Georgia d-line rotation with fellow 2010 draft picks Jeff Owens and Geno Atkins. "You can never stop getting better. So I’m going to be working on everything. My hands. Better footwork. Pad level. Everything. For me, I think it’s just the all around game and getting everything better.

"I’m looking forward to coming there and showing them what I’ve got. And just being a part of the team," Weston concluded.

Albert Breer reports Roger Goodell has held firm in his belief that some sort of rookie salary scale needs to be implemented.

"I think a new rookie compensation system is critical," Goodell told Carucci. "I think it's important that we have a system that is designed to reward players who succeed on the NFL field. And when a player is paid a lot of money and doesn't make it in the NFL, and that money leaves the system, that's not good for anybody. So I think we need to reward performance on the field."


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