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Who Stays and Who goes? - New England Patriots Quarterbacks

During the dulls, I'll take a swag at who will make the final roster without the benefit of seeing most of these guys with pads on. Next up quarterbacks.

For the first time in as long as I can remember (that doesn't say very much), we carried only two quarterbacks on the active roster: Sir Thomas of Bradyham, and his faithful sidekick Brian Hoyer. Ok, ok, truth in advertising, we carried two other bodies who played the position in college: Julian Edelman (who Brady says can't hit the broad side of a barn), and Isaiah Stanback (who apparently can). Both of these men played wide receiver exclusively for the Pats and never took a snap at QB. Mr. Stanback is now exploring options elsewhere, and Mr. Edelman is trying to improve his receiving skills so Randy Moss won't have to tell him how to line up anymore.

Hoyer looked poised during his reps last season, and barring unforseen circumstances, should be #2 again in 2010.

Enter Zac Robinson, who the Patriots picked up with one of their seventh rounders, to the mix and we have to wonder whether the Patriots will continue with just 2 QB's on the active roster. Zac Played for Oklahoma State and had some solid numbers:

Stats Overview Passing
2006 25 51 345 49.0 6.77 54 3 0 1 125.26
2007 201 333 2824 60.4 8.48 77 23 9 5 148.98
2008 204 314 3064 65.0 9.76 95 25 10 15 166.84
2009 180 301 2084 59.8 6.92 51 15 12 10 126.43

According to Wikipedia (take that for what it's worth):

Robinson was viewed as one of the best senior quarterbacks in the 2009 preseason. He was a preseason favorite for the 2009 National Performer of the Year Trophy from the College Football Performance Awards.[1] Robinson began the season with a win over Georgia, throwing for 135 yards and two touchdowns. However, his season took a turn when Cowboys running back Kendall Hunter suffered an injury and was sidelined for a good portion of the season while wide receiver Dez Bryant, who became a first round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, was suspended for the rest of the season, breaking up what had coined the "Best Offensive Trio of 2009."[2] Later in the season, Robinson suffered a concussion and shoulder injury in a game against Texas Tech when he collided with Red Raider cornerback Jamar Wall. He also suffered a hamstring injury at one point during the season, and finished the season with 2,084 yards passing and 15 touchdowns on the season.

Zac's accuracy has been called into question and so has his ability to make all of the NFL throws. Still he might have gone higher in the draft if it hadn't been for a couple injuries and some unfortunate incidents with his support cast. He actually looks like a guy that could press Hoyer for clipboard holding duties.

I really see three possibilities. First, Zac is just a camp body to help give reps to our many receiving weapons, after camp is over he either slides to our practice squad or takes a walk. Second, Zac impresses enough that Hoyer slides to #3, and since he isn't PS eligible, we carry 3 QBs. Third, Zac shows enough promise that we don't want to risk him getting away, and he becomes our third QB. My guess after the jump.

With near zero said about Robinson during the OTAs, I would doubt that he will jump ahead of Hoyer on the depth chart. Still, he looks like a guy who would do well studying under Sir Thomas. Another year in the system, and the playing field may be more level for Hoyer and Robinson. Game day, the third QB doesn't have to burn a slot on the 45 man roster, since a 46th spot is reserved for the emergency QB. If you need your third QB before the 4th quarter, it IS an emergency. The bigger question is whether, with all the additional receivers that we need on the roster, we will carry a third QB on the 53 man roster. After all, we still have Edelman, right?

Well, yes, we still have Edelman, but he is still working to grasp the receiving side, and hasn't even looked at the QB side of the playbook. Puttting Edelman in (especially if Tommy is right about his arm) really could create a bigger emergency for the Pats. I think it is far more likely that they will carry Robinson on the roster unless he really disappoints in camp. As of now, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, when Tom's contract negotiations go south and they decide to trade him.... JUST KIDDING! Ok, Now you're awake.

1. Tom Brady (never once did I question this)

2. Brian Hoyer

3. Zac Robinson