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New England Patriots Charitable Quick Hits: Mark Herzlich and Stephen Neal

Two more charitable notes from last night. One laughable, one great.

1. Boston College's OLB Mark Herzlich shows he's ready to be on the field... the expense of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. Herzlich, who recently overcame Ewing's sarcoma (a rare case of bone cancer), made his first public appearance on a football field since he was diagnosed with the cancer. He was rated as the 45th best NFL prospect, prior to opting to return to Boston College for his senior year, but was, unfortunately, diagnosed with cancer over the summer prior to the season.

He's back and he's ready to roll. At Tom Brady's Best Buddies Flag Football event, Herzlich was invited as a special guest. Showing that he's ready to return, he intercepted Brady, diving with a full extension. Herzlich's a great player and an even greater inspiration. I would have loved to drafted him next year, but that seems unlikely due to our overload at inside linebacker (Herzlich plays OLB in the 4-3 defense, which usually translates to ILB in the 3-4). I'm happy that Herzlich had some success (yes, I know it's flag football), even at the expense of Brady.

2. Guard Stephen Neal saves his college program from closing!

Neal, as most fans know, was a wrestler in college at Cal State-Bakersfield. While Neal was at the Best Buddies event, he broke the news that he had saved the college's wrestling program. The team was going to be shut down, due to lack of funds, but Neal helped champion a fundraiser for $1.4m to save the sport. Needless to say, the goal was reached and the wrestling team shall continue. Congratulations to Stephen Neal, I'm sure the program means a lot to you.

All is good in the Patriots' charitable world.