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Patriots Fans: Tom Brady Isn't Going Anywhere

Over the past few days, I've been doing a lot of thinking about Tom Brady, and his future with the New England Patriots. When the Michael Silver Yahoo! report was published, and noted a "growing disconnect" between Brady and the Pats regarding a possible contract extension, I thought nothing of it. Four days later, my feelings are the same.

In his report, Silver even notes that Brady will likely be a Patriot beyond 2010. Everything Robert Kraft has said indicates Brady will be the team's first priority, and that he is most certainly in the team's plans beyond 2010. Don't get me wrong, Tom Brady will be a Patriot beyond 2010, even if there is a snag in the negotiations right now.

Lets not forget that the team still has over a month and a half before training camp, and that initially, many believed Brady wouldn't sign his extension until after the regular season. It's also even possible that Brady could be waiting on Peyton Manning to set the bar with his extension, although I don't necessarily believe that is the case.

The bottom line is this: the media is looking to jump on any story they can this time of the year. Lets face it, apart from mini-camps, this is dead season when it comes to football. Expect a lot of speculation, false reports, and rumors between now and training camp. However, we all know that Tom Brady, despite where the contract negotiations may be at this time, will be a New England Patriot for a long time to come.