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New England Patriots Links 6/07/10 - Brady Prepared To 'Go With The Flow'

<em>Belichick and his buddy wave to the crowd at Craigville Beach</em>.
Belichick and his buddy wave to the crowd at Craigville Beach.

Shalise Manza Young and Albert Breer catch Tom Brady talking about this year's expectations and the team's status as AFC East underdogs.

"The thing is, every year is a new year for us,’’ he said. "It’s like, what happened last year, it doesn’t matter. You could come in last place — it doesn’t matter, no one cares.

"It’s just a matter of the chemistry, how everything comes together. I’m hoping this is one of the years where we really go out there . . . there’s a lot of people making noise, and I kind of like sitting back a little bit and letting other teams have the attention.’’

Albert Breer reports Veteran CB Ty Law analyzes his former team on ESPN when asked if the Patriots' window for championships has closed.

"It's closing," Law said to Trey Wingo and the gang. "It's still open, because as long as you have Tom Brady on your team, you always got a chance. But where I think the Patriots made a mistake is they let too many of core guys at one time. You gotta leave somebody there to show the young guys 'The Patriot Way' and the way that we did things. And there are too many guys that are gone, and I think they're missing a lot of leadership inside the locker room."

"I think they all understand because [Belichick is] gonna let you know that 'I'm running the show' when he walks through the door," Law continued. "Like I said, it goes back to the leadership inside the locker room. You had so many guys there, and we built that there. We played together for a long time. You've got so many young guys there right now, and you're throwing them into the mix.

"And things were done a certain way. But when you don't have Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest, Richard Seymour, and all those guys are gone, who's gonna take that young guy by the arm and say, 'This is how we do it'? ... "All the championship guys are gone. So that's why you probably find struggles right now with New England, especially on defense. You have that leadership on offense, because you have Tom Brady."




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