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New England Patriots Links 6/09/10 - TE Aaron Hernandez Signed To A Four-Year Deal; Ty Warren Is Back

<em>Rookie TE Aaron Hernandez at spring camp</em>.
Rookie TE Aaron Hernandez at spring camp.

Albert Breer reports newly signed rookie TE Aaron Hernandez has been pretty impressive in the team's spring camps.

If Hernandez can sort through [whatever off-field problems he had that caused him to fall in the draft], he looks like a good bet to contribute in his rookie year. He was already running with the starters in organized team activities, and seemed to be a focal point of coaches.

And he's got the versatility to line up all over the formation -- even splitting outside the numbers at times, while also getting reps at fullback and as an in-line tight end, during workouts thus far.

Tom E. Curran says Laurence Maroney isn't a lost cause. He's just off track. At some point - whether it be with the Patriots or elsewhere - the light will come on. 

"Sometimes with the speed I have and my great vision, instead of taking the three-yard play that it is, I try to rely on my ability and try to make a three-yard play and make more out of it and now you got a loss," [Maroney] explained. "Every play ain't gonna be a home run and that's my mistake. I wanna make every play a home run. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. Sometimes you just gotta take what's there and hopefully it opens up the next time. In the past, I think that was one of my problems. So when I say I need to be patient, that's what I mean. Being more patient, setting my blocks up, letting things develop. If I see a hole, explode then. If I don't, just take what's given and get back to the huddle and get ready for the next play."

"It comes with the territory and it's about being a pro to endure those downs and ups and ups and downs," he said. "You'll have weeks when you're at the top. You'll have weeks where you're at the bottom. Being a professional and learning how to embrace those situations is one of the things I have to learn. I still have a ways to go [with maturing]. I'm still the youngest [back on the roster]."