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Terrell Owens Would "Definitely Be Open" to Playing for Pats

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File this one in your laughable department. Terrell Owens apparently would be open to playing for the Patriots. This one was reported by Christopher Price of WEEI:

Wide receiver Terrell Owens said he’d "definitely be open" to playing for the Patriots. The 36-year-old wide receiver, currently a free agent, told WJMN Radio Wednesday morning that he’d welcome an opportunity to play in New England.

"I’d definitely be open to that," said Owens, who played with the Bills last season and caught 55 passes for 829 yards and five touchdowns.

"People think that they have that perception about me. Of course. Any receiver ... what receiver that's out there that's had great stats, great careers that didn't want the ball? I'm no different," Owens said. "But of course - I mean, you've got Brady there. You've got the great mind, coach Belichick.

"I'm like LeBron. I can go there and take less of a role, take less money and put everything aside and make it work."

Look, Terrell Owens is a great player, but I wouldn't be a fan of seeing him in a Patriots uniform. Anyone can say anything. Heck, I'll take a paycut to go play with LeBron and Wade in Miami or catch passes from Tom Brady. I promise, I'll take less of a role and be a good locker room guy. Plus, I've been working on my three point range.

In all seriousness, Terrell Owens is desperate, and will say anything to help him get a job. I would only like a Terrell Owens deal under two conditions:

  1. He agrees to take a non-guaranteed, minimum (or close to it) contract. Meaning, if he doesn't behave, he's gone. Immediately.
  2. Injuries strike and the Patriots are down one or two outside receivers.

Don't get me wrong, having Owens on the team would be entertaining, especially with Moss. But I think I'll pass on this one.