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The 2010 Patriots Off-Season Timeline

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For those Patriots fans who went into football hibernation after the humiliating defeat at the hands of the Ravens and are just starting to re-emerge for the start of training camp we're here to catch you up on all the major news of the off-season.

And for the Hoodie Heads who have been here all along it's interesting to take a big picture look at all that has happened in the last few months, and wonder how we made it though the voids and dark times with so little Pats news.

As Bill Shakespeare said "what's past is prologue," so here it is, the prologue to the 2010 Patriots season...

Click below for the timeline!

1/10 Patriots lose to Ravens 33-14, Ray Rice still running untouched four months later.

1/14 Dean Pees Leaves Defensive Coordinator Position. Matt Patricia/Pepper Johnson get excited.

1/27 Vince Wilfork says Franchise Tag would be "a slap in face". Pats Fans assume he's as good as gone.

1/29 Pats Hire Corwin Brown, Pats Fans hope he can teach Brandon Meriweather about "consistency".

2/2 Wes Welker Undergoes Successful ACL Surgery. Meh, just tell me when he'll be back on the field.

2/6 Belichick won't name a defensive coordinator. Patricia/Pepper pretend they're okay with it.

2/17 USA Today Crowns Pats Team of Decade. Duh.

2/20 Randy Moss says 2010 will probably be his last with Pats. Ugh, enjoy it while it lasts I guess.

2/22 Patriots Franchise Vince Wilfork, it doesn't seem like a slap to him anymore. That's good.

2/24 Mosi Tatupu passes away. A fond farewell to my favorite Pat as a kid... Mosi Two Poo Poos.

2/24 David Patten signed. Nostalgic fans rejoice.

2/26 Mike Vrabel on a potential return to Pats: "I'd go back, but I highly doubt they'd want me back." I still miss you, Vrabes.

3/4 Patriots Tender Logan Mankins at $3.26 million & Stephen Gostkowski at $1.75. Please, no one sign Gost.

3/4 Chris Baker released. Really? Weird.

3/5 Vince Wilfork signed to a 5 year, $40 million dollar contract. Patriot Nation feels warm & fuzzy. And so does Bianca Wilfork.

3/5 Tully Banta Cain signed to a 3yr deal, Stephen Neal to 2 yr deal. Fans of underrated players rejoice.

3/8 Leigh Bodden signed to a 4 year, $22 million dollar contract. Mark Sanchez poos himself a little.

3/10 Kevin Faulk signed to a 1yr deal. Fans of awesome 3rd down backs rejoice.

3/12 Wes Welker is also recovering from a torn rotator cuff. Why Football Gods? Why?

3/13 Pats win top player development award from NFL. You're welcome, rest of NFL.

3/15 Pats off-season program begins. Brady's not there. Media thinks it's a big deal.

3/16 Pats All Decade Team Announced. Where's Ted Johnson?

3/22 Kraft says Brady Deal will happen. "Pundits" ignore him.

3/22 Mankins stays away from OTAs. Uh oh.

3/23 Brady arrives at off-season workouts sporting a Justin Bieber haircut. Media makes big deal about it. His 1- week-late arrival, not his hair. I make a big deal about his hair.

3/24 Pats Sign Alge Crumpler. Foxboro's Dunkin Donuts owners rejoice.

3/30 Pats brass takes Tim Tebow to a very public dinner. Josh McDaniels realizes he must draft him.

4/2 Damione Lewis signed. Jarvis Green officially replaced.

4/20 Tory Holt signed. Fans with crooked fingers rejoice.

4/20 Patriots Schedule Announced. 6 of 8 home games against playoff teams. Eeek.

4/22 - 4/24 Pats Draft 12 awesome players. Foundation for future is set.

4/24 Gerard Warren signed. Yes, another Raider.

4/26 Adalius Thomas released. Wow, didn't see that one coming.

5/14 Derrick Burgess signed. Sure, why not.

5/18 Shawn Springs released. Failed a physical. Maybe he was a locker room cancer?

5/24 Logan Mankins says he won't be attending OTAs. This is getting serious. Not my Mankins. Please.

5/26 New HD Videoboards Installed at Gillette Stadium. Brady still refuses to get a haircut.

6/2 Wes Welker on field for Mini Camp. It's a miracle. Days later he's seen dancing at the Celtics game.

6/2 MIchael Silver writes article about Tom Brady & Pats having a disconnect with contract talks. "Pundits" talk about this non-story instead of Welker's miracle. Fail.

6/14 Logan Mankins demands a trade. Pats Fans wonder why this happens almost every season.

6/24 Gary Guyton signs 2 yr extension. Undrafted Rookie Free Agents everywhere take note.

And now here we are, in the final and most desolate void of the NFL season. Training camp is less than two weeks away, and then the 2010 campaign will be under way, with Logan Mankins or without him.