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New England Patriots Links 7/16/10 - Welker Switches From Rehab To Training Mode; Mankins Still In Limbo

<em>Wes Welker runs through a drill at mini-camp</em>.
Wes Welker runs through a drill at mini-camp.

Wes Welker on Fox Sports Radio talks about how healthy his knee is.

"It's doing well kind of plugging along getting in more of a training mode than a rehab mode. It has been going good so far, taking it a day at a time."

Ian Rapoport reports there has been no news on the Logan Mankins situation and it's unclear whether he'll show up for Training Camp with his teammates.

"There’s nothing that’s happened. We haven’t heard from them," Mankins’ agent, Frank Bauer, told the Herald last night. "Everyone in the NFL is on vacation. We just have to see what happens."

"I think any time the door opens, a deal can get done," Bauer said. "Look, I’m good friends with Bill (Belichick), I know Bob Kraft real well. But (labor) circumstances came out and turned everything sideways. But you never know who is going to pick up a phone and say, ‘We need to get this thing done.’ "

"The ball is in their court," Bauer said.  "They do what they have to do, we do what we have to do."

Andy Hart reports Tedy Bruschi says N-O to T.O in NE.

"I don’t think so," Bruschi said, building steam before concluding with a reference to T.O.’s infamous shirtless driveway workout.

"Because…The reason why Randy Moss and also Corey Dillon, if you go back a little more to Corey Dillon, is that there were so many veteran influences, positive veteran influences in that locker room. You looked around and saw all of these players, that they were great examples and those players just sort of fell in line. Right now this is a young team, a young team that needs to develop its leadership. They don’t need a personality like Terrell Owens in that locker room.

"And listen, Terrell Owens saying he would play for the New England Patriots is just throwing bait out there and seeing if anybody bites.

"If Terrell Owens plays for New England Patriots I’ll take off my shirt in my driveway and start doing sit-ups. How about that? It’s not happening. Come on."