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Patriots Roster Prediction #43: LS Jake Ingram

Player Name: LS Jake Ingram

Experience: 1 Year in the NFL, with the New England Patriots

Past Role: Ingram entered the league with giant shoes to fill- iconic Patriots long snapper Lonnie Paxton had left the team for more money and in one of the most underrated positions on an NFL team was left vacant. As the only long snapper drafted in 2009, Ingram had to prove his worth of a draft pick. He battled Nathan Hodel for the position on the team and, obviously, Ingram won and became the long snapper for the Patriots. He played in every game as a rookie.

Predicted Role: Long snapper isn't that cool of a position. The less that is heard about Ingram, the better the job he's doing. He'll play ever game the Patriots play and will, hopefully, remain unnoticed.

Predicted Season Numbers: 16 Games Played. 1 Bad Snap.

Predicted Depth Chart: #1 LS

Summary: Ingram will stay the top long snapper and will have another successful year.