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New England Patriots Links 7/23/10 - Devin McCourty 'just an awesome, awesome kid'

<a href="">Devin McCourty plays catch</a> with Medford Pop Warner football players yesterday.
Devin McCourty plays catch with Medford Pop Warner football players yesterday.

Mike Reiss responds to a chat question on if it would make more sense for Tom Brady to hold out, since that might force the Patriots to move things along more quickly.

If Brady held out, it would seemingly create more urgency for the Patriots to move things along quickly. But at what cost? Brady, to me, has been mostly about winning and making memories with his teammates over his 10-year career. If he decides to hold out, he'd be putting business ahead of that. So I think we'll find out what is truly more important to him in this case. I think I already know the answer. He'll be there.

Tim Graham (ESPN) Eric Allen's top questions for the AFC East.

New England Patriots: How effectively will their defensive backs perform?

"When you look at this football team, they've always had outstanding playmakers in the back end. Not so of late. They drafted Pat Chung last year, a safety out of Oregon. This year, [cornerback] Devin McCourty. These guys need to step into the shoes of Asante Samuel and Ty Law to make plays and solidify this defense. Then, on a side note, the coaches. Where are all the Romeo Crennels and Charlie Weises, those great coordinators of the past?"

Tim Graham (ESPN) Cris Carter's top questions for the AFC East.

New England Patriots: Who will be their defensive playmaker?

"In critical games, critical situations, they've always had a number of veteran players who would [step] up: Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi, who's now making big plays for us. Who are going to be these players? We know [Vince] Wilfork, they signed him back to the middle. We know [Jerod] Mayo, they signed him back, and he's a good player. But around those players, who will make plays?"


  • Erik Scalavino profiles rookie CB Devin McCourty. "When I think about Devin, the first thing that comes to mind is not his athleticism," [championship head coach Tony Karcich] insisted "He was just an awesome, awesome kid.  A team player.  It was never about him, it was always about the team."
  • Andy Hart breaks down the most important position battle of the summer, outside linebacker.
  • PFW in Progress - 7/22/10 Edition. Training Camp Preview. (1:59:53 audio)