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Patriots Roster Prediction #39: WR Sam Aiken

Player Name: WR Sam Aiken

Experience: 7 Years in the NFL, 2 with the New England Patriots

Past Role: Aiken has been a Special Teams Captain and is a leader on the 3rd facet of an NFL team. He is a great tackler on special teams, while also providing solid blocking. While his job is primarily on special teams, which should earn him a roster spot, Aiken can play wide receiver in a pinch. A really, really large pinch.

Last season, when the Patriots didn't have a true #3 WR, due to the failures of Greg Lewis and Joey Galloway, as well as the injury to Brandon Tate and the inexperience of Julian Edelman, Aiken stepped up as the #3 receiver. He nearly doubled his career total in receptions and receiving yards, while posting the only two receiving touchdowns of his career.

Predicted Role: With the addition of Taylor Price, Torry Holt and a healthy Brandon Tate, look for Aiken to shift back down the depth chart. He shouldn't be on the field very often, if at other, other than on special teams. He'll continue to be a special teams captain and ace.

Predicted Season Numbers: 0 Games Started, 16 Games Played. 5 Receptions, 50 Yards, 13 Tackles.

Predicted Depth Chart: #7 WR

Summary: Aiken will slide back down the receiver chart, but should stick around as a special teams captain.