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Patriots Rookies Will Report Today

The waiting period is over, football is back.

For Patriots rookies, today is the day that they will report to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. While full-team training camp practices do not start until Wednesday, this is the official beginning of the 2010 season for the Patriots. The coaches, staff, and players will be putting their foot on the accelerator from now until, hopefully, early February.

As for rookie news, we reported late last night that 53rd overall pick Jermaine Cunningham is in the fold with a four year, $3.6 million deal. With the Patriots having two other second round picks, at appears that Cunningham was the first domino to fall. All signs are indicating that Brandon Spikes should be officially signed sometime today, with Rob Gronkowski not far behind. If the second round picks officially sign, it will leave just first round pick Devin McCourty as the lone unsigned draft pick. While talks with McCourty have been headed in the right direction, it appears he may not officially be in the fold until closer to Wednesday (and first full team practice).

But, for a moment, lets forget the rookie contracts. After nearly seven months of waiting, football is back, and I couldn't be more excited!