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The Only Ranking the Buffalo Bills Are Almost Top 5 In.

Well, the New England Patriots came in first. The Baltimore Ravens are second. Then come the Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings. Then the...Cleveland Browns? And then the Buffalo Bills tied for sixth?! What list is this? The Miami Dolphins came in last?!


Don't worry, the world hasn't turned upside down. This isn't a power ranking. It's a ranking of the quality of food in each team's stadium- and the Patriots passed with flying colors. The Patriots received a 100% passing grade for each food station at Gillette Stadium, which means the dining services are flawless. Well, flawless in respect to health code. I still don't think $7.50 for a hot dog is flawless, but hey, at least you know that will be the cleanest hot dog you'll ever eat.

If you're interested in how the other stadiums stacked up to Gillette, you'd be surprised. 93% of the Dolphins' stadium vendors failed the inspection. Read that again. That means only 7% of the vendors were passing inspection. Yikes.

While this shouldn't have a direct correlation to how the Patriots perform on the field (unless you take comfort in know that whatever Vince Wilfork eats at Gillette passes health inspection), it's a good place for the franchise to start this off season.

Last dig(in): Mark Sanchez's hot dog could have been sold by the 20% of the vendors who failed at old Giants Stadium. Mmm...