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First Round Pick CB Devin McCourty Signs with the Patriots

Well, it's done. Every rookie that the Patriots drafted is now under contract. Wednesday morning, cornerback Devin McCourty, formerly of Rutgers, signed with the New England Patriots. McCourty signed a 5 year deal, but the rest of the details are unknown. McCourty is the second First Round pick to sign, after Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant (who was selected with a pick the Patriots traded to the Cowboys!). He's expected to report to camp today with the rest of the team.

McCourty was drafted in the first round with the expectations that he'd be an every down player. After he was drafted, I compiled a table that showed McCourty as the most well rounded corner in the draft, and one of the highest potential picks. He can develop to become a lock down corner over the next couple years, but in the mean time he can contribute as the #2 or #3 corner, will helping out on special teams- which is a pretty good gig for an end-of-the-first-round rookie.

I look forward to seeing McCourty's development over the next season and now the Patriots can now focus on Logan Mankins and Tom Brady. Hooray!