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Patriots Roster Prediction #34: WR Taylor Price

Player Name: WR Taylor Price

Experience: Rookie

Past Role: Price was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2010 NFL Draft out of Ohio University. He played in a run first offensive system without a strong quarterback, which led to unimpressive numbers. Regardless, he still had a large impact on the offense, with a strong junior and senior year. He was a "#1 receiver" in an offense that didn't pass, but worked with a position coach, Dwayne Dixon, who has produced many top quality NFL receivers (a name that should be familiar is Jabar Gaffney).

Predicted Role: Price should open the season as the #5 WR, if Welker doesn't suit up, without much pressure on his shoulders. Torry Holt and Brandon Tate should both rank above Price at the opening of the season, but Price should quickly rise up the charts as he gains NFL experience. He'll be a tough receiver who can catch anything thrown in his direction. Around the midpoint of the season, Price should pass both Holt and Tate as a pure receiver and should flourish with Tom Brady at quarterback.

Predicted Season Numbers: 7 Games Started, 16 Games Played, 45 Receptions, 600 Yards, 6 TDs

Predicted Depth Chart: #5 WR (at the beginning of the season), #3 WR (at the end of the season)

Summary: Price is a great prospect and should quickly move up the Patriots receiver depth chart. Look for Price in the middle of the field making the big catch to move the chains, but also expect him in the end zone a few times. He'll benefit from the experience of Holt and Randy Moss and should catch on to the professional game quickly. Price is a high character guy who should fit in well with the offense.