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New England Patriots Links 7/29/10 - Training Camp Begins; Corwin Brown Next DC?

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<em>Shawn, we hardly knew ye...</em>
Shawn, we hardly knew ye...

Jerry Thornton offers his confessions of a Patriots Training Camp-oholic.

I love this time of year. LOVE it. Patton said when he looked over a battlefield, "God help me, how I love it so." More than is healthy for me, I know. Because I realize of course that July and August isn’t real football. Hell, this early on it’s not even fake football. It’s 80-man rosters, receivers who’ll be in the CFL next month running routes for quarterbacks who’ll be working as mall cops. It’s undrafted linemen, as anonymous as doomed, red-shirted Star Trek crew members, running around pylons trying to earn a spot on the practice squad. So largely, it’s a waste of everybody’s time.

But it’s also so much more. It’s watching Brady, Moss, Welker, Faulk, Wilfork and some of the other greatest players ever wear a Pats uniform honing their craft. It’s watching the 57 rookies they drafted this year, learning their numbers, getting familiar with the way they run and the shape of their shoulder pads and seeing how they look. Above all, it’s Bill Belichick in a visor and gym shorts, walking between the practice fields spinning a whistle around his hand while Bon Jovi cranks on the speakers, a man in his element if ever there was one.

Consider this: How many opportunities in this life do you get to watch someone who is perhaps the greatest ever in his field, working at his artistry? Mozart didn’t write operas while 5,000 people sat in bleachers sucking back Vitamin Waters. Sixteenth-century Italy didn’t have cable showing "Hard Knocks: Michelangelo Sculpting David." Grandpa Albert didn’t scribble out formulae on the chalkboard on "Keeping Up With the Einsteins." Genius at work is a very rare thing and it’s not often you can witness it in person. But for Patriots fans, it’s just down Route 1.

Tom E. Curran notes Troy Brown believes the next defensive coordinator will actually be defensive coach Corwin Brown.

But on Tuesday, former Patriot Troy Brown (video above) said he believes the next defensive coordinator will actually be Corwin Brown.

Corwin, no relation to Troy, was brought aboard by Belichick back in January. He was initially listed as simply a defensive coach but is expected to work with the secondary. A former Patriot who was drafted the same year as Troy Brown (1993) Corwin Brown has also worked with the Jets and at the University of Virginia. He was defensive coordinator at Notre Dame before getting hired here.

Said Troy, "(Corwin) doesn't have the title of defensive coordinator yet but I think that will be coming around the corner. We'll see how things go at the beginning of the season but I would expect that to happen down the road."