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Patriots Roster Prediction #32: RB Fred Taylor

Player Name: RB Fred Taylor

Experience: 12 Years in the NFL, 1 Year with the New England Patriots

Past Role: Fred Taylor is the greatest running back in the history of the Jacksonville Jaguars, but an injury and the emergence of Maurice Jones-Drew forced Taylor out of the franchise and into the Patriots' open arms. He was expected to be a veteran who would compliment Laurence Maroney and was extremely helpful until he was sidelined for most of the year with an injury.

Predicted Role: Fragile Freddy will look to be healthy this upcoming season. If he can be healthy, he'll be the perfect compliment to Laurence Maroney and the running game will re-emerge as above average and as an actual threat that opposing defenses much may attention to. Taylor will spell Maroney at times to keep Maroney fresh late in the game. As stated earlier, the Patriots running game suffered as the game progressed due to the inability of Maroney to be a feature back. With Taylor in the line-up, Maroney should perform better and the Patriots should perform better.

Predicted Season Numbers: 2 Games Started, 16 Games Played,120 carries, 550 Yards, 7 TDs

Predicted Depth Chart: #2 RB

Summary: Taylor will run along with Laurence Maroney and will make the running game respectable. He'll be the goal line threat as well as the muscle between the tackles. Taylor will make the most out of his last season with the Patriots and, most likely, the NFL, and go out with a great season.