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New England Patriots Links 7/30/10 - Belichick's Message To Rookies: Make Your Own History

Karen Guregian gets Vince Wilfork's and other players' reactions to Bill Belichick stripping the walls of the pictures from the Glory Days.

"I’m upset because of the pictures and everything, but at the same time, what (Belichick’s) trying to accomplish, I understand that, too," [Wilfork] said. "To get up there, you have to be a team player. You have to be what a Patriot is all about. That’s teamwork and discipline and working for one another. Those guys were great Patriot players. Some of the best Patriots that played around here. You have to respect them guys . . . But don’t get me wrong. What they done, they done. Now it’s time for us to move on. This is one way we can move on. Start something fresh and new. Start from ground zero.

"Everything you get, you earn. Until you earn it, you really can’t talk much on it. We haven’t done anything yet."

Albert Breer notes Nick Kaczur is making the transition to left guard in place of Logan Mankins.

"It’s definitely a little different, you have to shorten up your steps and things like that," Kaczur said. But the biggest challenge?

"Honestly, it’s learning the plays, you’d think it’d be the same thing," the sixth-year vet said. "But every time a play comes up, I still think of the tackle. I’m thinking, ‘No, I’m inside now.' So it just changes to different linebackers and different things like that."

"They’ve had me playing a bunch of different spots, so I’m kind of used to it," he continued. "It’s another challenge for me, another opportunity to show what I can do and be diverse. That’s what I’m looking forward to doing."