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New England Patriots Links 7/05/10 - How Do You Like Your QB Ribs? Fractured, Cracked or Broken?

Ian Rapoport talks about Brady's injured ribs that he played with in 2009.

We had heard that Brady’s ribs were fractured, cracked or badly bruised, putting him in a great deal of pain and making him wear a flak jacket while playing.

It was, I had heard, a small or hairline fracture, allowing him to play. Still, that is what I believe.

If Brady’s ribs were fully broken, it would be difficult to breath, walk or sneeze, let alone play. Yes, the dude is insanely tough. But if you can’t breathe, regardless of how tough you are, you can’t play.

Why did Martinez say Brady’s ribs were broken?

My guess: [Brady's QB guru Tom Martinez is] not a doctor. And, like Casserly, he didn’t make the distinction between a hairline fracture and a break. Nor should he. To most people, they are the same. Kinda broken is the same as broken, even if one is more severe.

As an added bonus, if the ribs were slightly fractured instead of broken, it allows Brady and Belichick the ability to deny. And that’s what they did.

Rob Bradford interviews Colts' president Bill Polian at Fenway Park Saturday night.

Polian noted having to commit a significant amount of financial resources to a top tier quarterback — such as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, both of whom are heading into the final years of their respective contracts — will inevitably have some bearing on teams’ the ability to construct a team. But Polian also points out that the level of impact won’t be entirely known until a new collective bargaining agreement is put in place.

"It’s bound to have some effect," Polian told "What we don’t know is what the system is going forward. It makes it really difficult working out a deal that makes sense for everybody because you don’t know what the [salary] cap will be, what the ramifications are, how things count. All of that makes it a little difficult. We’ve been going slowly along with [Manning's agent] Tom Condon because we’re trying to formulate some things that will fit no matter what the system is."

"We can’t get into the nitty-gritty because we don’t know what the rules will be. And that will clarify itself as the year goes on because there will be talks, people will understand what’s on the table and what’s not on the table," Polian said. "It’s not like you’re going to get a deal in October, I don’t think. If that happens it would be great. But at least you can get a feel for the way things are going."