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New England Patriots Links 7/07/10 - Leadership Issues Adequately Addressed?

<em>Check out the<a href=""> "Cheers through the Years"</a> exhibit at the Hall at Patriot Place</em>.
Check out the "Cheers through the Years" exhibit at the Hall at Patriot Place.

Shalise Manza Young examines the leadership issue and if it has been properly addressed.

Moves were made to change that this year, starting with the re-signing of Wilfork. Of course, as one of the best at a currently in-demand position, holding onto Wilfork was a smart football move. But it was also a good locker room move - players pay attention to how franchises treat their players, especially core players, and in pro sports, good treatment more often than not comes in the form of dollars. More than that, however, Wilfork wants to be a leader and he can fully embrace that role now that he knows he'll be in New England for the foreseeable future - which is exactly what he wanted all along.

As quarterback, Brady is naturally a leader, though he admitted that he didn't do a great job last year in that role. However, just as Wilfork's contract helped in a variety of ways, getting Brady's contract done could do even more for locker room morale because if one of the greatest winners ever can't get paid properly by New England, would anyone?

Aside from contracts, New England has also made other moves to improve things. Free agent signees Damione Lewis, Alge Crumpler and Torry Holt are all considered to be great locker room additions, and more than half of the team's 12 draft picks served as team captains for their respective college programs.

With 24 draft picks over the last two years, the desire of those players to not only welcome coaching but embrace words of advice from veteran teammates will go a long way toward restoring the Patriot Way - perhaps in a new incarnation, but with the main tenets still in place.

Josh Alper (NFL Fanhouse) Summer Scramble 2010: AFC East players to watch.

New England Patriots -- Wes Welker  We know that Randy Moss is starting at one spot, but after that it is one question mark after another for the Patriots at wideout as we get closer to training camp. The biggest of those question marks is the condition of Wes Welker's knee. He returned to OTAs in June, albeit in limited fashion, and his status for the start of the season is up in the air at this point.

When Welker missed time last season, the Patriots slotted Julian Edelman into his spot. Edelman did well for a rookie converted from playing quarterback in college, but anyone who saw the Patriots' playoff loss to Baltimore or their Week 2 loss to the Jets knows that the Pats were missing something when Edelman took over for No. 83. That would explain why the Pats brought Torry Holt into the fold this offseason. Holt has seen and done everything during his long career and his lost steps won't mean as much with Moss on the other side. If Welker has to spend the first six weeks on the physically-unable-to-perform list, Holt's savvy might give him an edge on New England's possibly vacant starting spot.